Hey Everyone,

We are looking to relaunch on Jan 1st! Majik Mike has fully recovered from his health scare and I, (Mad Man Mike) am still as nutty as ever.

Majik Mike will be doing song reviews as well as band interviews. I on the other hand am going to be doing all the background work around here.
All the programing, initial music selection, making sure the station stays on the air 24/7 and of course,
doing the on-air reviews for those who are listening live.

We will also still be doing the old-time radio shows one day a week (not yet sure what day). 

I will be editing this story as more information becomes cast in stone.
In the meantime, enjoy this video from an outstanding band.
I will be changing it from time to time in a totally arbitrary fashion...

Currently I am building the initial stock of music for the station launch.
It is a very time consuming task as we are not going to go back in time to our prior music stock.
(we will play them from time to time but not dduring  our launch.
Our launch will consist of only new material (New to us, not just new releases.) 

These are the genras we have desided on (more will follow I am sure.
1. Blues Rock
2 Pop Rock.
3. Live festival bands.
4. Old time radio shows

Thank you all who have been our loyal listeners during our hiatus... We promise you will be pleased with us when we return.

Adding this information -- we have moved ourselves to a faster server with greater storage space..
This will enable us to provide you with a better experence of our radio station and all the other related items here. --

We will be adding an additional radio player to the site in December.|
One that will float on the top of the page and not be inturupted when you search our site.
This is in addition to the one already here that opens in its own window so you can serf the entire web while listing to us.

Mad Man Mike

Wake Up

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