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Well, I have done gone crazy around here.

Here is what I have done.

I have decided that each month I am going to create a radio station that plays the music of only one band. Yup, you heard that right, 24/7 music of just one band!

The problem was deciding which band to do it to each month

Now here is where the crazy part comes in, I am not going to pick them. You are! Yea, you!

Here is how it is going to go, each month I will select a list of bands (up to ten) and post up to four of their songs. The winning song of each band will then go onto a poll where youse guys (that’s not a typo) will decide which song is the best of them all.

That winner gets a free station for a full year!

Now any band that was in the polls can submit more music to us via Music Submit (at least four different ones) and you will be back in the running again!

If you are a band and want in on this you need to set up a free account over at music submit and publish at least four songs, if I like what I hear, I will put you on my list of bands to be included.

You can do this over and over until you win a free station.

Although our one station is Blues Rock this station thing is not limited to any genre. From classical to hip hop can get in on it!

This is just one reason they call me “Mad Man Mike”
Mad Man Mike


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We be on air! We managed to make it by our self-imposed deadline of Jan 1st. After making several shifts in what we were going to accomplish here we finally settled on not settling on anything. (Ok, Ok, you know that’s a dumb a** lye. Err um lie…

Stop shaking your head, you know we are totally nuts around this place. Anyhoo,  what we decided to do was to start with a blues and rock station. This is how we select the bands & songs we will be playing, If it is a blues song, it’s in, if it is a rock song by a band with blues roots, its in. If it’s a rock song with blues licks or even the hint of a touch of blues in it, it’s in.

So you will find a really diverse set of music on here. You could be hearing a song by Pinetop Perkins and then it being followed by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and then a pick up from Roy Orbison.

Our short-term plans here are to set up and activate the ability for you to make song requests and to tighten up the song rotation to fill it with more new and upcoming artist. That will be followed up by a show we are preparing called “The Poetry of Popular Music” proving you with the artist’s interpretations of their music and how the songs came into being.

Now for those of you who don’t know Majik Mike & myself a short explanation of PoPM is in order. Mike & I both attended Cherry Hill High School West back in the 1970’s. At that time, there was an elective class called “The Poetry of Popular Music” taught by Mr. Anthony Moore. It was actually an English class where the lyrics of modern songs were read & interpreted and then compared to similar themes in classical liteture. It was a fascinating class & was the catalyst that propelled several of us into the music industry.

Mr. Moore’s body of work was collected by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame upon his death and some of it has been used in the development of their education program . (

The program was so fascinating that we want to be able to share it with all of our listeners, you will find that the knowledge acquired will truly enrich your life in many unexpected ways.

Our long-term plans include several live shows with interviews of up and coming artist.

As well as my other personal project of placing on air many of the radio shows from the golden age of radio. (Gun Smoke, The Adventures of Superman, My favorite Husband and so on).

When we are done, you will find Some Radio station to be far more than just a online radio station that plays the best music available.

What? You say you want to help us make all of this happen? Rally? Great! Here are some of the things you can do to help us get there. When you visit our website (like you are now) please make sure you turn off any ad blocker software you may be using. Exposer of our ads enable us to generate revenue. Also, we are running adds on the stations themselves. These ads are run via Shoutcast and help to pay the bills as well. So, the more often you listen to us the better we are able to provide those ads and of course, generate revenue.

In addition to that, if you would be so kind as to go to via our website then when you buy something they provide us with a fee for that, so please, do consider doing that, we would really appreciate it.

That’s enough rambling on my part for the day… hope ya all decide to stick around and enjoy some of the really great artist we have online and in our videos.

Mad Man Mike..

We have found two arist to add to the station, here is are a couple of music videos of their songs.